[CLOSED] Community ban appeal


Username: ArekzimaPL
Ban reason: I don’t remember, it was 4 monts ago (I guess breaking ToS, but Im not sure)


I’ll start with what I did:
As Count Dooku, I took out my weapons and put them in the back of the armor of other soldiers until I came across the officer’s Helmet Doge. I realized it was very stupid. If the post is rejected, I will understand, but I would be grateful if you give me an unban. I love this game and I spent too much on the duty (200 power+ before I got banned).
Thank you in advance if you take my request seriously. This will never happen again and I am so sorry.
Respectfully, ArekzimaPL.

Your appeal is under review, please remain patient.

Hi there,

After discussion with Regimental Commander Zekuba, we have decided to deny your appeal.

However, you are free to make another appeal in the future.

Remember, full honesty as well as authenticity is always appreciated and can help within your appeal process.

Status: Denied :x: