[CLOSED] Community ban appeal


Username: WarlockDoesWarCrimes
Ban reason: Racism, posting a NSFW GIF in the 91st chatroom, and constantly causing drama in 91st chatrooms and the DMs of 91st members.


I, have, appealed, so, many, times. I understand very well how severe this is and I would absolutely never do this again, no matter the place & time. I apologise to every single person I harassed. I learned my lesson weeks ago and have sincerely understand how wrong it was. I would absolutely write more than this but I’ve done it 2+ times already.

Hi there,

After careful consideration, I have decided to reallow you to re-join the community. Your community ban has been lifted.

Should this or anything in similar nature happen again, don’t expect to be appealed.

You may pend the GAR server and group.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: