[CLOSED] Community ban appeal


Username: ( WarlockDoesWarCrimes )
Ban reason: ( Racism, posting a NSFW GIF in the 91st chatroom, and constantly causing drama in 91st chatrooms and the DMs of 91st members.)


I already attempted to appeal twice and put time into writing them and I cannot express how sorry I am for harassing the 91st members and sending NSFW in the chatroom as well as being racist. I only requested for an un-ban from the community as I understand the universal blacklist. I would never genuinely be racist without a reason; I know racism is never allowed within GAR and I never wanted to use it as well as NSFW. I never meant what I said, and I would never repeat my actions again. I just want to be able to re-join the GAR community without causing problems.

Appeal denied due to the severity and recent issuance.

  • Axel