[CLOSED] Community ban appeal

My discord: Aspect#3576
Roblox username: killbot1331
Reason of ban: script injection during tryout

I am unable to join the Roblox group or view any discord channels, I was banned for script injection, however I recently learnt that my brother (who has a similar username (killbot133111) joined a tryout and injected some kind of script), I, in no way attempted or injected a script into any game. I would like to be unbanned from the Roblox group and discord server, I enjoy playing GAR and I have spent alot of money on gamepasses and I would like to be able to play as a sergeant again (my rank before ban).

If i don’t get unbanned, I will continue to play the game, but will be annoyed that I cannot play as GAR.


Appeal Denied - StraleTheLegend23

Why? I didn’t do anything wrong!