[CLOSED] Community Ban Appeal


Username: GuacamoleDaBeast
Ban reason: It was an IAD community ban for breaking TOS.


  1. I received an IAD community ban in January 2021, with no evidence or explanation of why I was banned except for the reasoning “broke Roblox TOS”. I dmed multiple people asking what TOS I broke but received no response. I then attempted to appeal this ban 6 months later, but was unsuccessful. Around December 2021, I yet again tried to appeal my ban that I received no evidence or explanation of. I was told that I was unable to appeal due to the person who banned me no longer working here. It has now been a year and a half since I was banned, and I’m trying once more to appeal. I have changed and matured over the time I have been banned and hope to prove this if given another opportunity. I enjoyed my time within this community while I was in it and hope to be apart of it once again. I believe in second chances and I hope you do too.
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I have no need to offend anybody but God is telling me that you should be unbanned i don’t know why and I see no evidence, but I do think it is suspicious that the guy that banned you no longer worked for GAR

Thank you for your appeal, at this time we’ve decided to accept your appeal and allow you to re-enter the Community; we do apologise for any inconvenience in relation to your IAD/ToS ban.

  • Eventhough you’re unaware as to why you were banned, please ensure once you re-enter the Community that you’re complying with each regulation (Discord/ROBLOX ToS) and aren’t behaving poorly whatsoever.

Appeal Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: