[CLOSED] Community Ban Appeal


Username: My_Territories.
Ban reason: Alternative Account Usage.


Greetings. I am here to appeal my Alternative Account Usage. I used Alternative Account because I wanted to see the Point of view from a normal GAR member without spending money. I have went over the rules again in GAR and will not do it again. I know what I did was wrong, and I know my chances are very short to get unbanned.

If it is possible, I would love to be unbanned from GAR. I’ve spent around 15k-32k on game passes etc. And I love this game, and miss the community a lot. I doubt I’d be able to come back to the community after what I did, which is 100% deserved. But if there is any chance that I’m able to come back into the division community of GAR. I would love to come back. Thank you for reading this.

Hi there,

You’re community banned, not banned from the game; therefore, you can still use all of your gamepasses. If you wish to be unbanned from the community, I would suggest you go speak to Bulwarks, the person who banned you.

Status: DENIED :x: