[CLOSED] Community Ban appeal - UwuLinley


Username: ( UwuLinley )
Ban reason: ( Lying to a Republic Intelligence ( Maybe something else ) )


( Dear Moderation Team first of all hello, I am UwuLinley. Today i am gonna talk about my Community Ban, before i am gonna start i just want to say, I am really sorry what i did in the past. I mean past ist past it’s already more than a year ago, so i am really serious with everything, I won’t do anything bad things more, if i get unbanned. )

( I just ask for a chance, I mean everyone deserves a 2 chance and I don’t say because it’s me I say it because it’s just true, I want to make a new start a good impression on some player that are in GAR that they don’t do the same like me do. )

( I would love to be part of the GAR again and have fun with the game again. I’m serious, I’m so sorry for what I did but I will promise that if I get a chance that I will use it 100% and not screw it up, I promise through my heart. )

( I would never make appeals for almost 2 years to create stupid things again, I just ask for a chance. I am not my old me and as i said i am sorry what i did. I already got unbanned in the Discord, i just need a Community unban than, I can start again.)

Merry Christmas

Sincerely your,



Unfortunately unbanning you would be impossible. You have committed several infractions including but not limited to; alting, ban evading, account sharing, lying to RI.