[CLOSED] Community ban appeal got blacklisted


Username: ( thaley15#0048 )
Ban reason: ( doing immature gestures to my friend in gar bar.

here’s my plead of being unbanned.

I’m sad because I have been dedicated to the 501st day and night having fun and knowing people. I have give the 501st legion my time, my days without sleeping to hove them time in game and EP. I have done a lot for it and now I get this. This makes me sad because I had a lot of history, even that no one liked me on triton, everyday telling me that I was bad, that I’m an idiot, that I should be banned, I still persisted for 2 months on triton Company until a day I just tired of it and changed to trooper, than in trooper corps I had to fight tryout by tryout of torrent to see if I passed, every day every week making my aim better to see if I could be good for torrent than on like me 30th tryout of torrent I finally passed, than at the next day I got banned, all my work for nothing. I am sad because this server was my life, and my place to have fun, and now that I don’t have it I feel empty since I know I’m not an angel but I was someone that didn’t give up for the legion and it makes me sad that I got banned for something really stupid but now I see I did it wrong and no one can help me now. Well I love everyone on 501st it was an honor to be with you all, and I just want you guys to always know that I was immature some times, but it was to bring some fun, some smiles, some entertainment and to join each other as an family. I will miss you guys.

Denied. - howardistoogood