[CLOSED] Community ban appeal from discord


Username: ( Esunaz )
Discord: ( ! Dave#9843 )
Discord Id: ( 783391628315590696 )
Ban reason: (Racism )

Hello, I am hoping to appeal my community ban for racism. 1 month ago, I said ‘Fuck you jew’. This was extremely out of order and I can assure you that it will NEVER happen again. What I did was simply not ok and after taking some time away from roblox I came to realisation that there is nothing funny or ok about what I said. I really hope that you understand how sorry I am and allow me to re-join the amazing community that is GAR.

Thank you for reading my appeal.

Hi there,

After some thought, I decided to accept your appeal and to community unban you.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

Have a nice day,