[CLOSED] Community Ban appeal for RussixnPenguin


Username: RussixnPenguin (Kaden Penguin #1667)
Ban reason: “Racism and improper conduct”


Sadly I took it too far, I was joking around with some friends and playing off someone words. I ended up saying “I hate black people” as a joke, and I realize I took it too far. I am greatly sorry for my actions and I should not of said that, even as a joke it was not ok, I was in the heat of the moment and I thought it would be funny. I wish to be unbanned from gar, I will work on controlling what I say and be more respectable with my jokes, it will not happen again. Thank you for your time.


haha stay banned
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#unbanpenguin he did nothing wrong

Hi there,

You’re not community banned from GAR, just discord banned.

Appeal it in the right section, this is for appeals relating to the community and in-game bans.

Status: Unfounded :x: