[CLOSED] Community Ban Appeal 4

Disocrd id:(gustavoFring)

Username: ( Thermaes )
Ban reason: ( Ban evasion/ Banned for life)

(Hello devs, Im gonna start my appeal by saying that Im sorry for what i did and take in account all the mistakes made. Now lets get into the appeal even deeper into the problem. I got banned in the dec of 2019 For ban evasion But i didnt have the account because i was hacked and got my account back i think 1 month ago. I immediately Checked gar if i could play it but when i saw that the player(on my account) had purchased the raider pass i knew something was horribly wrong. I wrote 3 appeals in which all were denied, so i ask permission to get unbanned im really sorry for what happend I wont make such a mistake again please forgive me since i was a kid i didnt know much and i didnt think it would go this far. I take into account of the mistakes made and all im asking for is forgivness so i can start again. I never meant to harass anyone or ruin anyone’s day. Ik this is such a big deal But please forgive me i want to get back into GAR, if i could go back in time and not do that mistake i wouldve done it but i cant as there is no such thing as time travel. If anything happens after you guys unban me youre free to ban me with no chance for appealing. This wasnt my problem since it wasnt in my hand, this was three years back ive matured since then.Please forgive me )
Love you all.

Can someone reply please and not leave me on pending?

Can someone please respond?

Your appeal is accepted.