[CLOSED] Chefbro12 RK/TK report

Reporter username: aidand6
Reported user: chefbro12

Basically shot me for no reason whatsoever in a blue-on blue. Situation was there was someone firing at us, I came up there, shot the guy who was shooting at us and Chef decided to shoot me dead for whatever reason. TK incident.

Proof: https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/r2CIbmxgwdTP0/d1337uVeds9V?invite=cr-MSw2RTgsMTc3NTI4MTIs

Hi there,

After reviewing your report and the evidence attached, I will not be taking any actions against this individual.

Do note that there is an in-game system that deals with team-killers.

However, I’d like to thank you for your report and your contribution to this community.

Status: Denied :x: