[CLOSED] "Cheating" appeal


Username:Loser0ps/ Nba2kFortnite
Ban reason: I was community banned from rcr evidence that depicts me “cheating”,


a certain individual in arc was watching my stream and clipped what they thought where me openly cheating. The evidence is not even that valid, there’s no logs or actual proof of me cheating, just a clip of my “sus” aim taken out of context. The individual baited me into doing a 1v1 saying I would get a certain rank if i did the spar as they where the company hicom, this was all done to get me banned as they were witch hunting me. You can check the NoAimLoser/ Loser0ps channel in rcr and see the clip. I tried to appeal the Rcr evidence but the only way they would accept the appeal is if I have a recording from my Pov of me 1v1ing the person with my taskbar in which i don’t. I can record every combat event with my taskbar if I do get unbanned, I did not cheat and I want to be given a chance to prove my self.

You have to appeal there before appealing with us. - howardistoogood