[CLOSED] CG's rking me because of my raider morph


Reporter username: ( popatronsANS )
Reported user: ( Hype616161 )


( I was walking around with the morph on and I got a room when I exited it this cg came to me and blasted me for no reason I think it was because of the morph but ist still random kill. )


( CG's rking me for being in raider morph - YouTube )

It was a patrol, you were raiding and shooting me right when I left spawn, so I made you KOS, obviously, you don’t show that part when you were raiding.

Also, do not report Hype616161, in the heat of the moment someone could’ve easily mistaken you for raiding.

Huh no bro I didn’t and kos is valid only for 1life

You had KOS. - Carbon