[CLOSED] CG sking me and being dumb


Reporter username: ( Treyweyfat)
Reported user: ( ThunderCloudF )


This idiot skd me for like 20 minutes and the best part is troopers did nothing since he was a cg as a Christmas mando then when i got back up tried to get me in trouble for sking then acted like he never sked me

I did not record all of it but this guy also got sked by him while making this so please ban this jerk


I waited for you to come out of the invisible barrier to kill you, never inside the immigrant spawn area.

thats literally still sking when I cant even go to the border without getting skd

“I waited for you to walk to a place where u still cant play the game at all so its not sk”

Hi there.

As ThunderCloud is outside of the spawn, you are not being spawnkilled.

  • Axel