[CLOSED] Cbanned due to an accident


Username: RududentSpy
Ban reason: accidental nsfw sending


I’ll give some backstory first. So basically, my friends and I were just goofing around in the 327th discord, like sending memes/weird videos to laugh at. (Lets just say it got a bit chaotic). I had no other things to send to chat, so I was asking around for videos or pictures that would be cool to send. A few of my friends delivered and they were clean, however, one of my friends sent a video that had a normal thumbnail, but with some porn deep inside it, as a joke (not in any gar server, in our own friend server). Without checking it, I sent it in 327th chat. As soon as I sent it my friends in vc were yelling at me to delete it in case I got in trouble, so I did. Only a few people were able to see it before it got deleted. Of course I got striked for this and the HICOM were deciding on whether I should have to do indoc or not, but then another member of HICOM comes in out of the blue and learns about what I did. Without getting anyone else’s opinions, and without letting me explain myself, I was kicked and blacklisted from 327th and GAR as a whole.

Now yes, I probably did deserve a punishment because of my stupidity, but I think a permanent ban from the entirety of GAR is a little much. In my two years of GAR I have never even came close to doing an indoctrination, or anything of the sort. So please, take my plea into consideration as it was just an honest mistake in the heat of the moment.

I am willing to go more in depth into this if needed and am also willing to get my friends as witnesses if they want to.



You are not community banned. If you wish to appeal a discord ban, then do so in the proper category.

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