[CLOSED] Cbanned appeal request


Username: Arda_h8ter
Ban reason: Hacking


This was about 1-3 months ago, I saw that the 501st tryouts were today and I was excited thinking I could finally get in my favourite company, but once I saw how hard they were I decided to use hacks instead of practicing like I should have. I was a staff sergeant and not to much acknowledge the rules and thought if I used aimbot and ESP thinking I would get away with it. Once I found out I didn’t get away with it, I had a long time thinking of my mistake and learned from it. Today I would love to enjoy the great community and having fun with my friends, Instead I am here regretting my mistakes and would love if I could get a appeal to be able to join the GAR again.

Hi there,

As script injecting/exploiting is no small offense, I will be denying your appeal at this time.

Status: Denied :x: