[CLOSED] CapybaraDecep reporting a_potplatinum


Reporter username: ( CapybaraDecep )
Reported user: ( a_potplatinum )


The child is going to rant about not being able to join coruscant for around a day, not my problem but it seems he’s gone too far. Can’t expect much from this lad besides that he’s simply releasing the anger and pressure he receives in real life on roblox characters. If it ain’t valid then I guess this individual only serves 5 minutes in roblox prison, oh well.
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Thats not SK bro you were both fighting and you legit are so bad you had to run back into spawn. #Free a_pot!!!

Lol yea not even sk☠️

This right here is why GAR pisses me off CG and divisions
have so much fucking control.

Report accepted - howardistoogood