[CLOSED] CapybaraDecep reporting 41st twitchbeliek21


Reporter username: ( CapybaraDecep )
Reported user: ( twitchbeliek21 )


After my hound officer ikose finished his patrol, I had the egg basket gamepass which I usually only give my fellow CG members or divisionals, however this 41st was constantly interrupting and I let ikose deal with it. After patrol ended, it was simple. So I stand around and these guys were fighting over who has the egg, this 41st decided to chase with his saber, chase GAR. At first it was fine until he started hitting other divisionals so the 104th told him to knock it off, I destroyed his shield showing it’s a warning and yet he continued. Later on he argued with the 104th and I just watched until I realized this 41st wasn’t just being sped his natural habitat is, this 41st was actually with the intent of murdering lego divisionals so me and bombus the red guard decided to report him for killing this innocent furry 104th.

Basically they were fighting over my easter egg baskets, until the 41st got things out of hand.

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Thank you for your report, I will be reporting the user to their respective HICOM as well as applying a temporary ban as a punishment for their misuse of divisional TK.