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[CLOSED] Cadet being racist and also AFKING


Reporter username: Mexicandream3XD
Reported user: meeehh547

Description I was Looking at the new GAR map for 10 seconds and was also encountering an glitch with my pc and suddenly when I look up, and when I looked up a Cadet was Harrasing me And NikoTheCatNeko And when we were walking away, he started following us. the cadet continued to threaten to get me banned, although I did nothing, he continued. That’s when he proceeded to call me an Immagrant, And an Mexican Kid. He told me to go back to my country, although I was born in the U.S. Right before I left he also went AFK.


Hi there,

Due to the fact that you don’t have evidence of him telling you to “go back to your country,” I’m not able to do anything. If you have more proof, you can report again in another report.

Status: DENIED :x: