[CLOSED] Bro this CORP things i killed a ramdom immigrant when he was on the trooper spawn area line and TK me


Reporter username: ( SOLDIER_DEFENSE)
Reported user: ( enesbulut_63 )

this dude TK me and some ramdom sergeant and he claims that i killed a ramdom immigrant for going to a trooper spawn

( Tking me for no current reason)

(video proof proof that some dude is TKING me - YouTube)

Hello there,

He is allowed to kill you while in the raider morph (B1 Raider morph) and, in the video that you provided, it is impossible to see that he killed you while in GAR morph, therefore, I can’t take any actions against him.

Feel free to re-post this with valid proof.

Status: Denied :x:

Have a nice day!