[CLOSED] Bribing RG try-out to try pass


Username: Dmzyvv ) Note: I changed my name from Dmzyvv to G_nerals but I write Dmzyvv so you know that I am the guy who got banned.
Ban reason: Bribing RG to pass RG try-out.


( Describe why you think we should unban you ) Hello, more than 6 months ago I sent a message to a RG to help me pass the RG try-out and they banned me for that reason many months ago since that happened so because mike denied my attempt to appeal my ban I was thinking about what you told me mike and if I admit that it was my fault sincerely I also want to say that everyone makes mistakes and sometimes people when they make those mistakes try to fix it that is why it is my 2nd attempt to appeal my ban because I want to go back to GAR I want to return as a new member to GAR you read the rules and never break any I would like to apologize for my actions it will not happen again Sometimes apologizing is not enough because when you make mistakes those mistakes are never forgotten but I prefer to apologize and assume that if it was my fault for asking for classified information from a RG try-out I would like to go back to those old days when I met Gar in 2020 he was a simple cadet is my favorite game Crosucant and I love the GAR community that is why I want to be given another chance since everyone deserves one or more opportunities.

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Hi there,

We’ve decided to offer you a 2nd chance in this community. Don’t waste it. You are on thin ice.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: