[CLOSED] Breaking TOS accidentally!

Username: SOA_quavo
Ban reason: Breaking TOS in a GAR event accidentally!!!


I do believe that this ban is a huge mistake as I did not even have the chance to explain anything. So here comes the paragraph. Greetings my name is Nizi as many may know, this morning I joined MrAv1ation’s DT in GAR with a shirt that had the n-word written. [May i note here that I forgot to take it off because I was trolling with some friends in a game earlier.] When I did see the shirt I asked the host to RE me as I had changed it instantly! The host decided to just straight up ban me and ask my 104th CC to also kick me from 104th and then also got me banned from gar.

I bought that innapropriate shirt today just to troll with my friends and I have deleted it right now from my inventory so I see no reason to really stay banned. I really want to clear up that I wasnt wearing the shirt to the DT intentionally and it was mistake!! I have learned my mistake and I will make sure this never happens again in the future.

If there are any questions please come and DM me on #niz 0001, I will be answering everything.



Your appeal will be denied due to the incident happening very recent. Though the in game ban has been lifted and a community ban has been issued due to the fact that the officer who dealt with this had administrated the incorrect punishment. If you wish to appeal the community ban, appeal in around 3-6 months with a sincere appeal.

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