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[CLOSED] Blacklisted from divisional tryouts


Username: ( SimplyComa )
Ban reason: (Exploiting )


Alright, I will get straight to the point. I joined 327th tryout, my screen turned weird… Whatever it was I won’t do it again, as it has prevented me from doing alot of things I enjoy. I nearly made it into my first division, and couldn’t because I was blacklisted. Please appeal my ban from divisions. I genuinly just wanna engage with the community again, and miss the divisions. If I ever do it again you can flat out ban me from everything. Discord, tryouts, the game. Everything. I will completely leave the community. All I want is a chance to join a division and have fun.
New thing. There’s something bad in my computer I don’t know what it is. This thing called windows PowerShell keeps opening and closing. Almost every game i join kicks me for injection. I don’t know what to do and at this point I am considering reseting my computer. Whatever it is I did I don’t know but I won’t do it again. Opened windows Anti-Virus and can show you evidence that something is terrorizing my computer.

I blurred some parts because it has my real name. I am still a minor and my dad helped me set up my computer. I don’t know what it is and I’ve been trying to delete it for hours on end. Its been trying to steal my info by opening chrome and running my Google searches through different websites. After posting this I will reset my computer and see if it helps. I will let you know if the invasive app is gone.

I am back. No matter how many times windows claimed to have blocked it, 6 apps were forcefully installed on my device and refused to leave . Currently typing this from a different computer. However, I’ve tried everything people have suggested. And now I’m letting my computer reset. All my files deleted. I will never download random things from the internet. I don’t know what it was. But I am praying I don’t have to buy a new computer. At this point I just wanna re-install roblox. redownload my files from a backup. And hope I can be unbanned.

Hi there,

These applications were not forcefully installed onto your device. The reason you’re blacklisted is because you attempted to inject a script that would allow you to hack during tryouts. If you wish to appeal your blacklist, you must have the person who assigned you the blacklist to vouch for you. Go talk to A1exander_VII and obtain his vouch.

Status: DENIED :x: