[CLOSED] Blacklist from divisions appeal. (41st)


Username: ( killerblox658901 )
Ban reason: ( My discord account got hacked and left every server on my account.)


I don’t know for sure which division it was, however, the morph was green so i do think it’s 41st.
(Describe why you think we should unban you)
I’m not going to bore the person who is reviewing this appeal so here it goes, the reason why I should be un-blacklisted is because i want to have the experience with divisions, i would also like to be un-blacklisted because it’s not truly my fault for getting hacked due to discords emailing issues. Sorry it’s not much of a reason if you wish to contact me my discord username is ryry#9719.


I’m actually so dumb the ban reason i think was for leaving the discord server without being discharged.

We do not handle divisional blacklists on the forums. Appeal with the initial assigner or the divisional hicom from the division in which you are blacklisted from.