[CLOSED] Blacklist from divisionand community ban appeal (501st)


Username: ( LukeROBin20 )
Discord: ( Luke_#3256 )
Reason of ban: “Sexual Acts”


I was on an 501st Patrol, and I was joking with an friend doing stupid things in bar, since the host of the patrol deployed us on bar, than we had free-roam on bar, than we were doing stupid things that we did not know that we couldn’t joke like that, and we got banned, after that we got pinged on discord server and repently got kicked from the 501st Legion server and than from the group, than we tried to ask what we did, and they tell us we did sexual acts, , and we did not know why, but apparently what we did looked on an bad way and we got banned, and we honestly did not know that we apparently broke ROBLOX TOS. And i just want to have my rank back since I’m really sorry and shamed for what i did, i really apologize. And i really miss the friends i did on 501st, since they have become like an family for me since they are an really cool community and is something i have never had on this group.

Appeal has been denied due to the severity and recent issuance.

  • Axel