[CLOSED] Blacklist from Advanced Recon Commandoes

Username: mother_groperr
Discord: cells#9584
Discord id:551563793486970882
Ban reason: Racism

Description: First off I want to apologize if I offended any of my fellow members of the advanced recon commando’s. I know that racism is not tolerated in GAR and I wouldn’t post a racist GIF intentionally and while I was going through my favorited GIFs I had misclicked on it. I know its been a short time since I got blacklisted but I realize how much the group means to me. I don’t want to be blacklisted forever and I just want to get back to playing roblox with my comrades in Arc.

Thank you for your considerations,
Sincerely cells.

This is not where you appeal divisional blacklists.

Appeal to Cynical directly.

  • howardistoogood