[CLOSED] Blacklist from 327th


Username: ( Yeetyepic )
Ban reason: ( account sharing )


i was blacklisted from 327th because of a friend. my friend one day prior said he was going to use my account to do some kind of FPS boost so i was like, ok go for it. but the next day, i received a message from my leadership saying what did i do and i had no idea what he was talking about until i saw that i was no longer in the 327th discord. my first thoughts were that i was purged but then the leadership said i was blacklisted for account sharing and i was like who did i share it with and then he sends the profile of the friend that gave me a’FPS boost’ then i realised, he used the opportunity to get me blacklisted. so here i am, appealing because of a friend. . (note : i didnt give permission, he guessed my password. all i said was sure.)

( Describe why you think we should unban you ) well i have a few reasons, 1, i never gave him any account info eg. passwords and email passwords because he would need to verify. 2, he said that he was sorry for his mistake and has talked to 327th HICOM and other higher ranked people. but has received no response. hence why he sent an appeal. he was denied but was sorry and i could tell because i saw his dms and he messaged around 7 people saying he was sorry but they all ignored him thinking it was my fault. i believe you have made an mistake blacklisting me because of someone else and should give me another chance. i will change all my passwords so this wont happen again. thank you and have a great day/night.

Note: i appealed on RI but they said to appeal here in this section

Thank you for your appeal, though I’m unable to take any further action. You aren’t able to appeal a Divisional black-list via the forum page, that is outside of our jurisdiction - you can either wait out your black-list, or speak to 327th Star Corps High Command, preferably the Executive Officer (XO) or Commander Officer (CO).

Report Status: Denied :x: