[CLOSED] bIaz_er's Discord Ban Appeal


Username: bIaz_er
Ban reason: Extreme toxicity/harassment in DMs.


( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I was banned for extreme toxicity in direct messages which had no relevance to GAR or Rainfall Games. The reason around my ban was for telling an individual that I have known for a year from TSU, to “kill himself” and I called him a “pussy”. The reason why I called him this was because I asked if he wished to wager 2k as a joke. As he said no, I said the words before to him and then blocked him as a joke. I was not expecting him to react this way as we had previously been friends in TSU six months ago and I had not communicated with since.

Additionally, I believe these messages were taken out if context and was used by the individual in question to get me punished, this should be seen as witchunting. Not that it is all too relevant, but the individual in question has been attempting to get members of my TSU friend group banned for the slightest ways possible within GAR.

I believe I should unbanned as I had no intentions of causing harm to the individual that I was toxic to and instead I intended it to be banter. I understand that phrases such as “kill yourself” should not be used and can cause suicide attempts. I am apologetic to the individual that I was toxic to and I will never use this vocabulary ever again.

unban my boy commander jayboss :sob:

You are appealing in the wrong section, this is reserved for in-game/community bans, not discord bans.