[CLOSED] Banned without a real reason


Username: Gg165458d
Discord: Geroo13#3582
Discord Id: 667709492162461696
Ban reason: “DM advertisement”


Last year, at the beggining of school, I needed to discharge from CG because I didn’t have enough time for events (14th September 2021). Around 5 or 6 days later I joined the 501st Legion because I was bored and, a day before of the discharge, I got banned from all Vikinglaw’s servers by a mod who’s Discord id is 525223525078925322 with this reason: DM advertisement. Before joining the 501st Legion, I joined another GAR group, which it was smaller; because I needed to join another CG. That GAR group was doing an important event that required an specific amount of members in the Discord server. So, I invited old friends to the server so we could do the event but, a really false friend, I don’t know who, told it to the moderator so I could get banned permanently.

Please, I need to get unbanned so I can meet my friends again in the Coruscant Guard. I promised my former instructor and friend that in Christmas or before I would pass again the tryout and join the Shock Troopers. And yes, that Christmas is from 2021. It passed a year.

Thats a real reason wym.

Thank you a lot for your emotional support.

GAR moderation is so slow omg.

I know really. But I hope the moderation team actually understands me.


You have been unbanned from the server, join back if you wish.

Status: :white_check_mark: Solved

Kind regards,