[CLOSED] Banned in discord


Username: reikenie
Discord: reikenie#0001
Discord Id: 841898477784006686
Ban reason: “spamming cp”


I think you should unban me because I was added to a group chat on discord and left immediately because someone was spamming a community mod with cp, I blocked the person who added me and then I got banned I was dming the mod after that trying to figure things out and he said “I’ll figure it out tmrw” and I’ve been waiting for 5 hours for a response. I’m not friends with the dude who added me anymore because I don’t mess with that type of stuff it’s disgusting I offered to screenshare my dms with the mod and he said “you don’t get there by accident” there was 6 other people who got randomly added that weren’t from gar and even people I knew from them, he said why were you in their group on roblox and I said because I started it with some other dude and we just let “controlller” in because he paid for the group, it was originally going to be for a game called “MiscGunTest:X”, and then they turned it into some corny group trying to be scary and I never bothered to leave it. I sent him a picture of me in bed watching TV as proof that I was at my dads and no where near my pc. It says I can only upload one picture because I’m a new forum member add my discord if you want more proof.

Discord ban appeal denied :x:

You are just as guilty as everyone else in the group. You should have taken it upon yourself to leave the group if you knew you were putting yourself in a bad environment.