[CLOSED] Banned, hopefully I can appeal this


Username: bigoofboi1230
Discord: ( REX#6949 )
Discord Id: ( 706153384691892225 )
Ban reason: ( Trolling? )


( So a few weeks ago I logged onto discord to find out I couldn’t see any of the channels, and I wasn’t in the 187th server. So then I looked at the group to find out that I wasn’t in it anymore. I just thought that my brother left most of my servers and groups trying to mess with me. I asked him if he did and he said no. So then, I went and tried to rejoin the server thinking that I could probably just rejoin the server and explain to the CO of 187th why I left. But no, when I tried to rejoin, I’m pretty sure the request got denied. So then I just thought my GAR career was over so I just stopped trying. But recently, my brother admitted to me that he went on my account and spammed the 187th server and he asked me why I didn’t just appeal. The reason I didn’t appeal before is honestly I just forgot. So yeah, I changed all of my passwords and I make sure that I close all of my tabs before getting off so that he can’t get back onto my account again, so hopefully I can appeal this because if I can’t then I don’t honestly know what to do because GAR has been saving my boredom and I’ve been really bored the past few weeks, )

Hello there,

You were banned due to racism, which is extremely serious. After some thought, I decided to deny your appeal request as it was assigned recently. You should be more careful when giving your brother access to your computer.

You are free to make an appeal again in the future.

Status: Denied :x:

Have a nice day!