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[CLOSED] Banned from the discord server


Username: HH_MANOA
Discord: MANOA
Discord Id: #0808
Ban reason: Banned from the discord server for pinging a admin. [Justin]


( Describe why you think we should unban you )

I’m so sorry for pinging a admin. I really want to enjoy the game with the new map and my old friends that I found on Discord and in game. It would make me happy to play the new map with some friends and join 91st. I’m really sorry for what happend back then. I got banned 1 month ago but or 3 - 4 weeks I’m not that sure but I understand from my mistakes and would like to play GAR like everyone else. Thanks you for reading this appeal.

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Please read it, I want the chance to join the game with some friends and would make more fun if I could join a division.

Please answer, I really want to play the game again. I learned from my mistake.

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned. If you ever random ping HICOM again, don’t think about coming back.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: