[CLOSED] Banned from main discord server


Username: ( Ishootspeds )
Discord: ( MootTV#2492)
Discord Id: ( 651463438660272139 )
Ban reason: ( Black mail )


( So a while ago I black mailed someone that worked in the 91st Division, I had a punishment for bad parking so I had to do 100 jumping jacks, then I said to the host if you make me do this I’ll remove your role in my GAR then he reported me then I got banned. I am really sorry to the host I regret my actions 100% I was younger at the time I did stupid stuff at the time but now I matured and regret my actions so much I apologize to the host I apologize to the staff team mod team and the gar community! Please forgive my appeal I am terribly sorry for my actions if I am appealed I would read the rules and act more mature and follow the GAR community rules )

:no_entry: Denied. I do not believe you are sincere in your apology. - exucuteF