[CLOSED] Banned from Discord


Username: RxNfulV
Discord username: RxNfulV#0001
Discord ID: 579254806716219422
Ban reason: Exploiting in a tryout


It’s been over a year since my ban and I’ve reflected on it since, I exploited because I thought the divisions were so cool and I never had good aim and wanted to join, so I used exploits which didn’t even work but just alerted anti-cheat. I’ve reflected and regretted on my acts since and it’s been over a year and I think I should get another chance to reclaim myself as a brand new player of Coruscant and I really do hope I can get unbanned, I appreciate you reading this and please take it into consideration as I love the game and I really hope to be enjoying the community again.

User changed, new user is: RxNfulV#7664

Discord ban appeal denied :x:

Join the RI public affairs discord server and make a ticket.