[CLOSED] Banned from discord server


Username: kingofdome21
Discord: kingofdome21#0001
Discord Id: 882210163514290206
Ban reason: Bypassing advertise rules


So a couple days ago I put on my about me that I am a developer and I wanna be hired and stuff, so I went on the chat and said to people to read my about me, and at that time I wasn’t in the right clear state of mind and I was thinking straight I know what I did was wrong and I have broken the rules of the discord server, and this is definitely 100% my fault, and I am really sorry for what I have done, but I will never break any sort of rules again in the this server or any server and I will make sure to read all rules again, and I would like to comeback because I made a lot of friends in GAR and a lot of great memories so please unban me.

Already handled in the previous topic.