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[CLOSED] Banned from discord again

Username: RealSlayr
Discord: Slayr#9588
Discord Id: 919610432707235861
Ban reason: I used all caps by accident (Constantly breaking rules)

I know I messed up… I was at the max warnings, so if I got muted/warned again I would be insta banned. I used all caps by accident and got instantly banned.
Can you please unban me I will be very active and I swear this won’t happen ever again.
I love the community and this game and I wish to be unbanned.
Please offer me a second chance? You won’t regret it.
Thank you mods for being understanding

Hi there,

I literally handled one of your appeals 4 days ago, which means this isn’t your second chance. It’s your third. We’re not going to keep unbanning someone that just goes and gets themself banned again. Go and write a 200-word appeal explaining to us why you should be let back into the community when you don’t seem to think before you act.

Status: DENIED :x: