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[CLOSED] Banned from discord again. (Please Read MikeGaming)

Hello Mikegaming Sir.
Here’s all the info regarding my appeal.

Username: RealSlayr
Discord: Slayr#9588
Discord Id: 919610432707235861
Ban reason: Constantly breaking rules (all caps by accident)

My earlier appeal got reject and I can see why.
I think your denial was reasonable however I really wish to get unbanned
I wrote the 200 word appeal as to why I should be unbanned sir. Thank you for spending your time to read it


Heres why you should unban me:
First off, I am super active so I would contribute to your game’s activity.
I am also super active in the discord and love the community.
Secondly, I wish to be able to attend events such as tryouts, GT’s, CT’s and more.
I would join a division (RG) and contribute to that division.
Thirdly I am super nice and multiple GAR members can vouch for me
I wish to be unbanned because I love the community and the game. I spend hours playing it at a time and wish to continue enjoying it. It is an awesome experience which I don’t want to end this way. I have spent well over 6 months in this game and have accumulated 15 warnings over that time span. I haven’t committed a huge crime, so please sir.
Thats why I am begging you sir. Please unban me
I swear it won’t EVER happen again. If it does, you can reject my appeal without thinking twice. please can I have another chance? You won’t regret it.
I swear I have learnt from my lesson and that this won’t happen again.
Thank you epic Mods!
This game means the world to me

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned. The ice is very thin. Don’t fall through.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: