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[CLOSED] Banned for telling my feelings of the map

Username: AmendedSins
Discord: AmendedSins#0872
Discord Id: 530882483663929374
Ban reason: Literally has no purpose other than to complain. Criticism should be constructive, not a mile long list of tiny inconvenience you face or things you feel should happen


I was in the GAR public chat and someone said that we would get speeders and that they would be completely free for everyone. I made an argument to state that it wil most likely be robux, as every gamepass is robux and the game is mainly pay to win in my opinion. Justin came in and said something about how if they arent committed to it (the devs) there is no reason to complain, but I am explaining that if they promise and state something will be added, it should be added as you are just letting down the people who believed you. He then bans me for saying that and now I am here.

I am sorry for complaining, I saw how every single other person was talking about how the map is bad and how its too big, and I thought it would be fine if I said something, too.

I opologise if I offended any devs in their work in the game as its very hard to please a large crowd, and I really hope I can be unbanned.

I’ve been in the group for almost 2 years and have been in RG for 6 months in a row, and have been in many other divisons for months aswell. I really like this community and how it has grown, and I do not want to be banned and not being able to enjoy the game and the chats I have with other people.

I ask that you give me a chance and unban me, I will not do this behaviour again, I just wanted to explain how I felt in the chatroom.

I am sorry for this inconvienence.

I believe it was a miscommunication when I spoke with justin. and he may not have understood what I meant.

Hi there,

If you have nothing nice to say, you keep your mouth shut. If Justin tells you something, you don’t go arguing. This will be your last and final warning. You’re lucky I’m the one reading appeals and not Justin.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: