[CLOSED] Banned for “SK”

How is this SK??? Banned for a day. My username is droolvax

Turbothiems banned me.


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Bruh why are you minimoding.

Hi there,

Your ban will be kept in place.

Status: Denied :x:


Greetings I am CEO_B63e and I was Banned for SK but it was unjust, you see the reason for me repeatedly eliminating the player N1EEE was because he started the fight, I let it slide for 3 times I was even ignoring this player until I had enough and hunted for this player and giving him not a revenge but a warning I wasn’t going to “SK” him forever I eventually stopped and he even change into B1 Raider into GAR division to be keep hidden.

Please acknowledge this plead for my account to be active again so that I may play with my friends again. Thank you