[CLOSED] Banned for PMs, harassment


Username: revtixc
Discord: Tabz#2667
Discord Id: 959492000523091988
Ban reason: Inappropriate PMs.


I was banned for sending inappropriate messages to someone in GAR, without thinking about the consequences that would be given to me, I know it is something pathetic and I have apologised to the person I sent it to, I am coming clean and saying I accept what has happened and know doing something like this can effect somebody even when I don’t think about it, make them feel depressed about themselves and if I am being honest I would hate it if somebody said nasty things to me, I am here to apologise for my actions and ask for a second chance within the GAR community, I have been there for some time and It is a great place to be, lots of friends to make and a fun place to go to not think about the madness going on irl, but something like this was out of my league, I am ashamed of what I have done and I understand if the person will not fully forgive me but what happened has happened and I cannot revert what has happened and did not know the damage it would inflict.

All I am asking is for a fresh and clean slate in GAR again, it is the only entertaining thing in my life atm because of everything going on and my background is from Ukraine so with all the madness doing good things to get your mind of off stuff is something good in these dark times.

I hope you forgive me, and that I am able to rejoin the GAR community again.

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It says you’re not banned.