[CLOSED] Banned for multi account ussage

Username: Bordioseala
Ban reason: Community ban for double account ussage.

I got a community ban for multi acc usage.
So this is what happend, I was at a CG tryout and i was at the last part, DM the host.
I DM the host, but he said he already got a DM with my name.
I talk to him, but he ignored me, and i go on on-topic bcs i got tagged and the other acc, and then i got the ban, the other account who DM the host was my FRIEND, i was talking to him on voice call and he try to join CG for much time but he is bad at combat, and my friend DM the host bcs he is gealous on me that i joined the other account was: “pufietare246”, Pls unban me from my account " Bordioseala".

Hi there,

Alternative accounts are not allowed in GAR. I will not be appealing you at this time.