[CLOSED] Banned for inapropriate behaviors ban was approcimatly 2 - 3 months ago plz read all

Data Thaley15 ban on site

Username: ( thaley15 )
Ban reason: ( for pretend kissing another trooper and saying inaproriate phrases none of which were hashtagged; this was off duty, i know off duty is stilll bad but I thinks its bee long enough and my reasons are straight forward i will be loyal and gain more hours and points as serg even if im not a part of discord i still love the game :smiley: )

Description i was in the bar on courscant old map if new one idk, and someone recording a video of me and someone else pushing our avatars into one another and saying forgotten phrases It was over 2 months ago so the exact words are unknown

( because i will not stop pushing until im unbanned every month no mater how long it takes, i want to be unbanned because I am loyal to gar and will always be loyal and believe I should rightfully be unbanned, recently a person by the name of howard denied me for unspecified reasons of ban which i think I had written enough last time this happend they said how long i would be banned then never unbanned me for over two years untill i made many attempts to be unbanned. and the main reason why is because i lov gar and feel i have learned my lesson heartfully and i will never attempt or recreate any inapropriate behaviors. The main reason that this will never happend again and why i am sorry is because we are all human unless ur npc or ai or robot, but thats about it im just trully sadend by my ban and still pursue unbanned ship :smiley: )

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time and after reviewing your appeal, I have decided to deny your appeal. Please wait a bit more before attempting to appeal once more, and elaborate on how you as a person has improved and understand the rules.

Status: Denied :no_entry: