[CLOSED] Banned for accident with DM advertising


Username: cryticalex
Discord: cryticalex | CET#0810
Ban reason: I send a group invite per accident. I was unpatient and pressed a few times with result with a permanent ban of the discord server.

I was Captain in GAR and CO of ARC and really want to return to GAR, since I have a lot of friends there.

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Hi there,

I do not understand what you mean by “you sent the group invite per accident.” Please provide more details in terms of what you did, because it’s very hard to send a link for a group to someone if you aren’t trying to. Again, to process your appeal, I need a more detailed description of how the situation happened.

Status: CLOSED. Already resolved.


Im sometimes really unpatient, my discord is lagging a lot while playing games. I pressed to much since I dont have any patient especially if im lagging or it just not reacts fast. I want to see a players name but it was frozen or something and then clicked on invite.