[CLOSED] Banned for a false reason


Username: AnonymousSanta_claus
Discord: anti.#0123
Discord Id: 816253579479482419
Ban reason: “Exploiting”

You should unban me because I was literally falsely banned. I was banned due to being good at the game, literally. All I did was hit most of my shots. It all started when I joined a Simple Combat Training, on the first round, I was doing really well but died really quickly. On the second round I got MVP, and for some weird reason on the third round I was being accused of exploiting by random people? I also got banned from the server + discord. I find this extremely unfair as I literally did not do anything, and they didn’t even show me any evidence of it. I also got a new PC very recently, so I reset everything to show that I actually have nothing on my PC that is involved with exploiting.


You have some really good skills in this video, don’t you think?