[CLOSED] Banned for a false reason


Username: AnonymousSanta_claus
Discord: anti#4073
Discord Id: 816253579479482419
Ban reason: Exploiting


I was in a simple Combat Training, and I started popping off. Someone said that I had terrible aim at the start, and suddenly i’m killing everyone, and so I was accused of exploiting. I didn’t even exploit? I was MVP in the previous round, and all of a sudden I was being accused of exploiting. I did not exploit at all, I was also banned from the tryout for what? Having good aim? I did not exploit at all. I can admit, I do have an exploit but I have not used it ever on Coruscant. I never exploit on games I like.

If I be honest, the exploit isn’t even for me. My sibling also uses my PC and they exploit (I do not know why), however, they have never interacted with my account/Coruscant. I always log out if they want to hop on. Soon they are getting their own, in like a week or two so by then the exploit will be deleted from my PC, fully. They do not allow me to do it, I do not know why, and when I do delete it he just never lets me back on.


Your appeal has been denied. Unless you can prove you weren’t exploiting, you will not be unbanned.

Status: Denied :no_entry: