[CLOSED] Banned for a day


Username: Swagl2004
Ban reason: Rking


The person reported me had framed me to be a random kill. He had killed me, then when I was respawning, he respawned. When I respawned I went straight back to the bank and he was there so I killed him thinking he hadn’t respawned or anything. so its not really fair for a temp ban when I had no clue he had respawned.

on this video: https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/BU1jxTM1-1aPZ/d1337EcKV5Q0?invite=cr-MSxaRkwsOTYxMjEwMjMs you can literally see that I am just arriving back at the bank after he killed me, you can see me on the map and at 0:08 you can see me walking towards the bank.

Hi there,

There is a new life rule, however, considering the circumstances and how I could see where you might’ve misunderstood I’ve decided to accept your appeal.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: