[CLOSED] Banned for 1 Year being underage without any Proof


Username: (MexifyFan2020)
Discord: (MexifyFan2020 )
Discord Id: (MexifyFan2020#0930)
Ban reason: ( I got Banned for 1 year for being underage )


(because i got banned for being underage without any proof 1 because you can imagine that I made my name in 2020: MexifyFan2020 and I was there 12 and now it’s 2 years later 12+ 2 years 14! Secondly, you do not even have a proof what proof do you have?! oh wait you just said because of My name but as I said it is old and is from 2020 where I was 12.)

didn’t you say you were 18+ in your last appeal

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LOL, i saw that other appeal

Did I ? Oh i m sorryni thought i wrote 13+ i m sorry

Should i show you an proof of my acc ?

Please can someone answer?

How did the officer who banned you conclude that you were underage?

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She just said:Look at his name LoL

can someone please answer ?

please can someone answer>?

Hello can someone pls answer dude!?

:no_entry: Denied. If you can show proof of you being over the age of 13+. Please feel free to DM on discord. - exucuteF -------- exucuteF#0001