[CLOSED] Banned for 1 year appealing


Username: ( xxeliteyeetxx123 )
Ban reason: ( Spam pinging in the discord and just bypassing the roblox filter in the game. I think other things i’m not entirely sure. )


This isn’t a discord appeal this is a ban appeal, i’ve been banned for 1 year im not sure but i’ve been banned for a good amount of time and I believe Im worthy for an unban considering i won’t do anything i did again. I don’t really bypass anymore nor waste my time doing stupid things like what I did before, if you could unban me in the game i won’t repeat my actions.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I won’t do it again plus i’ve stopped a long time ago, i didn’t even know bypassing roblox chat filter would get you banned in star wars coruscant but of course that’s no excuse to bypass. Either way i’m less toxic now and i haven’t bypassed ever since. Please unban me from star wars coruscant. :smile:

Appeal denied. The infractions are too severe to be appealed.

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