[CLOSED] Banned appeal for in game


Username: ( STH_DARK )
Ban reason: ( High Treason )


Hello, 1 year ago I was banned for killing people while being in 501st so I’ll explain how it all happened I was playing Coruscant raiding as a Kos then I got randomly added in 501st I first joined a game as a 501st so thought it was cool to play a little bit with it but before leaving I killed multiple troops 4 and 1 special force I take full responsibility of what I have done I learned from my mistake now it will never happen again. I understand that if anything like this ever happens again there won’t be any other chance I can’t believe I did such a thing thinking that I will go away with it. as Gar had a fresh start and Viking is gone and everything is probably new I hope I can get another chance I loved gar so much and I hope my appeal gets accepted

Yours sincerely, STH_DARK

Hi there,

At this time, I have decided to accept your appeal as a lot of time has passed from your initial incidence.

Do note, any breach of the community standards set forth by both roblox and the GAR community will result in your immediate termination from the group with no hope of appeal.

This is your one chance, don’t mess it up.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

You are free to pend the group and rejoin the community and game.